Termoli is an historical town, just a few minutes away from the international airport of Pescara, that provides its guests with the opportunity to enjoy the splendour and warmth of the Adriatic coast.  This gorgeous strip of coast is immersed in the colours of unspoiled nature, and conceals a series of incredible discoveries.
A tiny stretch of sea in the heart of the Adriatic, that offers incredibly clear water and an ancient village of undisputed beauty, with its alleys, its picturesque views and its monuments. Longobards, Carolingians, Bourbons, Normans, Swabians: different civilizations have contributed to the fascination and fame of this part of the Adriatic. The most important of days deserves to be celebrated in an area so rich with history and tradition.

Svevia Culinary Art, Residenza Sveva and Cala Sveva represent excellence in hospitality and the ideal location for your wedding. Surrounded by the Svevo Castle, the Cathedral and the ancient walls, this location conveys the true art and traditions of made in Italy; the cuisine itself is the best expression of Termoli’s culinary art and tradition, which has been preserved over the years, and has made its mark.